Clubhouse Suffers Signifiant Water Damage

To see video of the damage, CLICK HERE.


On Feb. 28th, our clubhouse sustained catastrophic damage from storm water and sewage back up causing estimated damages of $250,000 (with insurance payout of $50K). We are working with MSD, engineers, architects, builders, and plumbers to identify and mitigate the cause. 

Professional clean-up, flooring, furnishing removal, and sanitation of the affected 10,000 sq ft area is underway. Replacement of flooring, furnishings, games, toys, artwork, and electronics, along with the restoration of some furnishings, artwork and our beloved Noogieland treehouse will take months.

While this delays our reopening and strains our human and financial resources, we are committed to uninterrupted service. 

If you would like to help us with this expense so our dollars go to helping families living with cancer, you can donate by clicking here.

Noogieland before and after flooding: