airbnb and Gilda’s Club Partner

airbnb and Gilda’s Club take some of the financial pain out of cancer care

As anyone who has faced the high cost of health care knows, cancer treatment is expensive. Fees for tests, treatments, consultations, and other medical necessities―even when a patient is covered by insurance―often exceed the limits of coverage, and expenses mount rapidly. In most cases, patients are left paying out-of-pocket for any additional costs, such as those incurred in travel. And, with many high-level cancer centers located in urban areas, it’s easy to see how simply getting to see one’s doctor or traveling to an infusion center, for example, can become an unmanageable economic burden.

To help take some of this load off the minds of patients and their families, Airbnb has partnered with the Cancer Support Community to offer welcome relief for many. Now, there is a new resource to share with patients who must travel away from home to receive treatment. The recently expanded Airbnb Open Homes program will give FREE temporary housing to patients and their families who require medical stays. The lodging is provided by Airbnb’s generous hosts. The housing will provide a comfortable and homey place to rest and recuperate after receiving treatment, and, best of all, it alleviates the stress of paying for lodging near one’s healthcare facility.

Patients must apply and be verified, and there are income and other criteria to satisfy. But Airbnb has an overall goal of housing 100,000 people in need by 2022 through its various programs.

If you, or someone you know, would benefit from this program, contact the Airbnb Helpline, 877.793.0498, to receive an application.